Lighting reinvented from the ground up


You want to be able to see what you’re working on ― but if your light source is above you, and your work is too, there’s a problem. Introducing Helios by Uberlux, a revolutionary LED light panel designed specifically for mechanical maintenance and inspection environments. 

Helios works the way you do. It handles your workday like you do ― it's tough. Walk on it, drop your tools and parts. No need to move it out of your way. Plus, you can add light where you need it, hands-free. No more holding lights in your mouth, juggling flash lights with tools, or getting tangled up on chords from hanging lights.

Helios is the light system you’ve been waiting for. 


•  EXTREMELY RUGGED  – withstands up to 15 tons of weight / resistant to impact from dropped tools.

•  SEALED FROM FLUIDS – keeps out fluids (oil, fuel, solvents, etc.). 

•  HIGH LUMEN OUTPUT – large coverage area for consistent undercarriage lighting.

•  SLIM PROFILE – less than an inch tall / fewer than 15lbs.

•  LOW MAINTENANCE – 100% serviceable / designed and assembled in the USA for quality & durability.

•  OPTIONAL BLUETOOTH – for easy app-based adjustments.

Supports up to 15 tons of weight. 

Nearly impervious to tools dropping on its surface. 

Bowling ball drop

(IP 66 Rating, testing IP 67) such as: oil, grease, fuel, hydraulic liquids and solvents to name a few. 

Easy liquid cleanup

Helios - sealed from liquid

Zizzo Racing Helios interview

Zizzo Racing and the Rust-oleum Rocket put Helios to the test

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