• Interior Lighting 
    • High and Low Bay Lighting: for warehouses, air craft hangers, exhibition halls, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, food processing and storage facilities 
    • Commercial and Retail Lighting: inclusive of LED tubes, lamps, troffers, panels, recessed, pendants and architectural lighting 
    • Gymnasiums, arenas and natatoriums 
  • Exterior lighting 
    • Roadways and Parking Lots  
    • Flood and Street Lighting   
    • Air and Sea Ports   
    • Railway Lighting   
    •  Sports Lighting - to 4000w 
    • Tunnels and Pedestrian Underpass Lighting 
  • Under Carriage Lighting: ruggedized LED edge lit fixture for service and repair facilities, security and construction applications   
  • Custom Designed Fixtures   
    • Specialty RGB, Amenity and Security Lighting  





DCI offers a complete line of customizable LED products with multiple, direct manufacturer relationships to ensure that our clients have access to the best products and prices available.   

  • Hi & Low Bay   
  • Food Service Units
  • Canopy/Tunnel Lights  
  • Street Lights ​
  • Area, Shoebox, Wall Pack and Flood Lights   
  • Arena Lighting   
    • ​Up to 4000w  
  • Corn Lamps   
    • Up to 250w   
  • LED Tubes   
    • T5, T5HO, T8 and cooler options ​  
    • Plug and play & live end options   
    • 10w to 45w   
  • ​CFL replacements   
    • ​Plug and play & live end options 
    • 2 & 4 pin replacements   
    • Horizontal and vertical options   
    • 5w to 23w ​​  

    ​All fixtures and most lamps are DLC and/or Energy Star listed with among the industries highest lumen outputs (150 to 180 lumens/watts). All products are competitively priced and highly reliable with 5 to 10 year warranties. 


  • Occupancy/Motion Sensors  
    • Reduced energy consumption via dimming when area is not occupied  
  • Photocells   
    • Automated dusk to dawn on/off control   
  • Daylight Harvesting Units   
    • Automated ambient light dimming control 
  • Lighting Control Systems 
    • Wired and Wireless 


  • ​Poles   
    • ​Standard, Hurricane and Earthquake Rated   
    • Direct Burial and Anchor Base   
    • Concrete, Fiberglass, Steel and Graffiti Proof  
    • Custom Designed   
  • ​Mounting   
    • ​Arms and Bullhorns 
    • Tenon Top and Side Mounts  
    • Custom Designed 

Supportive Services

  • ​Complete Site Audit   
    • By onsite visit or onsite/facility drawings   
  • Customized photometric design using AGi32 software to IES standards or above   
    • Provided free of charge if products are purchased through DCI ​
  • Product Acquisition   
    • ​DCI procures the fixtures, poles and other required equipment directly from its suppliers reducing cost and resources for the client  
  • ​Turnkey Project Management and Commission Services ​  
    • Protects warranty coverage and system performance ​​
    • ​Ensures integrity of system design and implementation ​
  • Rebate Management 
  • Extended Warranty and Maintenance options 
  • Energy Audits 
  • LEED, Energy Star and Section 179 (d) Certification  
  • Certified Recycling Options