How We Make It Happen


Lighting is viewed as the #1 opportunity to improve energy efficiency!

It is estimated that 33%-50% of an entity's energy usage is associated with lighting. In the case of an air conditioned facility, where heat generated from lighting increases the energy demand associated with cooling, these numbers increase. Typically, efficiencies are lost due to over lamping required to compensate for depreciation, outdated lighting technology and fixtures and lighting of unoccupied spaced. 

DCI's products and services are uniquely positioned to significantly reduce energy consumption related to lighting and to provide our clients with a better lighting environment for their customers and employees. In addition to the energy efficiency gains, DCI's clients also experience significant reduction in maintenance and replacement cost as our fixtures last 3 to 10 times longer than standard Metal Halide or florescent fixtures and our warranties provide 5 to 10 years of coverage. ​

The Process

  • ​Complete Site Audit   
    • By onsite visit or onsite/facility drawings   
  • Customized photometric design using AGi32 software to IES standards or above   
    • Provided free of charge if products are purchased through DCI   
  • Economic Analysis   
    • ​Payback Analysis -  if applicable   
    • Review of potential rebates, incentives and/or grants available 
  • Product Acquisition   
    • ​DCI procures the fixtures, poles and other required equipment directly from its suppliers reducing cost and resources for the client  
  •  Installation ​  
    • Flexible Installation Options - DCI will work with a client directed installation team or provide a team at the clients request 
  • ​Turnkey Project Management and Commission Services ​  
    • ​Ensures integrity of system design and implementation   
    • Protects warranty coverage and system performance ​​
  • Warranty Support 

Additional Service

  • Rebate Management 
  • Extended Warranty and Maintenance options 
  • Energy Audits 
  • LEED, Energy Star and Section 179 (d) Certification  
  • Certified Recycling Options


The Results


  • Improved Bottom Line   
    • ​70% plus savings in energy and maintenance costs  
    • Pay back in less than 3 years   
  • ​Improved Operations   
    • ​Better light quality for job performance   
    • Improved employee productivity ​
  • Improved Lighting Management 
    • Centralized control of lighting system allows for scheduling based on occupancy and space utilization 
    • Daylight harvesting to reduce energy consumption and extend lamp life 
    • Motion Sensors and Dimming Controls to reduce energy consumption and extend lamp life
  • ​Extended Life Cycle of Lighting System   
    • ​Greater system control reduces lumen depreciation and diode degradation   
    • Surge and driver temp controls eliminate failure of system components   
  • ​Sustainable Practices   
    • ​Reduced energy consumption means a reduced carbon footprint   
    • Expand corporate social responsibility and green business practices ​